Restorative Procedures

Sound, strong teeth – they keep your jaw balanced, let you enjoy all kinds of food and are the gleam in your smile. It’s what nature intended. But life can take its toll on your teeth and they can become cracked, worn-down or decayed. That’s when our advanced restorative procedures come into play. We offer all kinds of restorations, from metal-free fillings to bonding.

But our most exciting restorative procedures start with CEREC®, one of the most dramatic, time saving innovations available in dentistry. Each restoration is made of a special ceramic that is incredibly similar in strength to your natural tooth. With custom shading, it looks as natural as it feels.

There’s no waiting for lab work to be completed, no temporaries, and no return appointments. Simply relax and let CEREC precision-mill a custom-fit restoration. It’s ready to place in your mouth in one visit.